Painting Feathers in Watercolor Workshop

March 11th, 10am-4pm

Learn how to paint the feathers of owls, wild turkey, pheasants, hawks, etc. with artist Maryjo Koch. We will learn how to: layer on colors to make the feathers look soft; how to recreate the barred markings of the feather’s surface; how to fringe the edges of owl feathers that are used to quiet flight; and how to recreate the illusion of iridescence without using iridescent paint. When you are finished, you will have a beautiful feather and not know the real from the painted version! All supplies included.

Maryjo has taught nature painting at the Cal Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and has illustrated 18 books that are collected by people all around the world.

Location: Ken Norris Center for Natural History at UCSC; Natural Sciences 2 Room 239

Parking: Free weekend parking in the Core West Parking Structure

Note: You must register for this workshop and there are a limited number of spaces. The cost of the workshop is $15 for current students and $50 for community members. Our registration system is maintained by the UCSC Outdoor Recreation Department. Current students automatically have an account set up on this system. Community members need to set up their own account before they can enroll. Click here for community member account set-up instructions. Once you've set up an account, click the community member link below to register.

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