The Norris Center is comprised of several rooms on the second floor of the Natural Sciences 2 building in the Science Hill complex on the UCSC campus.  Overall, the center consists of an multi-purpose room, 2 lab classrooms, a collections room, a storage room for field equipment, and the director's office.

  1. Exhibit/work/community room - Natural Sciences 2 room 239. This room (which is often called the Norris Center or Norris Community room) contains space to conduct natural history related research and projects (including work on our specimen collections), an extensive library of field guides and other references, 2 computers, a small exhibit gallery, and a community gathering space.  
  2. Museum Collections room - Natural Sciences 2 room 249.  This room contains our main collections of over 130,000 specimens of plants, fungi, lichens, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.
  3. Lab classrooms - Natural Sciences 2 rooms 229 and 233. Two lab classrooms are used to host classes sponsored by the Norris Center and outside community groups, or those taught through the Environmental Studies and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Departments.