Norris Center Affiliates

We welcome any faculty, staff, graduate students, and community members/volunteers who work on any aspect of natural history to affiliate with the Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History. We define natural history broadly as the practice of direct observation and interpretation of the natural world through science, writing, art, or other modalities.

Faculty and Staff Affiliates

Alumni and Community Member Affiliates

Undergraduate and Graduate Student


If you would like to be listed as an affiliate, send an email to with the word "affiliation" in the subject line that includes:

- Your name, title, and 1-2 sentences that describe how you practice natural history (e.g. “I study and teach classes about the natural history of birds”) or your field of natural history expertise

- Include a link to your personal web page if you have one.

- Include a photo of you (ideally engaging in the practice of natural history) or you can just say that you want us to take one off your website.