Norris Center Affiliates

Norris Center affiliates contribute to the Norris Center and to understanding natural history through their academic, professional, or volunteer work. We define natural history broadly as the practice of direct observation and interpretation of the natural world through science, writing, art, or other modalities. Affiliates support the Norris Center in one or more of the following ways:

  • Participating in specimen collection or curation, and/or research projects directly related to the Norris Center and its collections. 
  • Mentoring undergraduate or graduate students who are doing academic projects involving the Norris Center.
  • Using the Norris Center collections for teaching, art, or research. 
  • Writing or collaborating on grants with the Norris Center.
  • Being available for career advising and professional development seminars for Norris Center students.
  • Giving workshops or lectures for the Norris Center. Example workshops may include but are not limited to the following topics: ecological field methods, designing long-term field studies, experimental design, grantsmanship, art, ethnography, and science communication.
  • Representing the Norris Center to outside institutions or groups, for example at events held by the California Academy of Sciences, Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, State Parks, UC Natural Reserves, etc.

Faculty and Staff Affiliates

Alumni and Community Member Affiliates

Undergraduate and Graduate Students


If you would like to be listed as an affiliate, send an email to