Birds of Campus

Thank you for watching our Natural History Update on birds!

Spring is an exciting opportunity to observe the birds around campus, and in your backyard. The birds that you saw or heard in the video (in order of appearance) were Allen's Hummingbird, Red Winged Blackbird, Rio Grande Turkey, Red Shouldered Hawk, Steller's Jay, Dark Eyed Junco and a Pacific Wren.

To learn more about these birds, both on campus and elsewhere we encourage you to visit these sites:

The Norris Center's bird resource website for information on field guides and student projects focused on the campus birds.

The Bird School Project's distance learning page for resources about how to learn about birds from your own home.

The National Park Service's guide to getting started birdwatching.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's online bird field guide to birds and birdwatching, called All About Birds.