Randall Morgan

Randall Morgan (1947-2017), a fourth generation Santa Cruz native and UCSC alumnus from the second graduating class, dedicated his life to studying and protecting Santa Cruz County biodiversity. From his early work as part of the Santa Cruz Bird Club, to his discovery of numerous new plant and insect species, and his advocacy work to protect many of our local natural areas, Morgan distinguished himself as one of the greatest naturalists of our county. Here is a page linking to many of Morgan's accomplishments as a naturalist and conservationist.

We at the Norris Center were very fortunate to work with Morgan over many years as he continued his work to document the rich diversity of life in the Santa Cruz area. His collections of plants, insects, and seeds are invaluable and irreplaceable resources and form the backbone of the Norris Center’s natural history collections. 

Earlier this year, we worked with Morgan to create the Randall Morgan Collections and Santa Cruz Natural History Initiative to honor and celebrate Morgans’ contributions to Santa Cruz natural history and conservation. The Initiative aims to build upon Morgan’s legacy by providing continued stewardship of his collections and opportunities for UCSC students to develop similar observational and taxonomic skills at environmentally sensitive sites in our county.

Click here to make a donation to the Initiative and help us build upon Morgan’s good work.