Graduate Research

The Norris Center supports graduate students by housing research collections, supplying specimens for study/manipulation, providing natural history resources, requesting specimens from other museusms, and depositing voucher specimens associated with research projects. Currently, the Norris Center two graduate students are using the Randall Morgan Pollinator Collection to study pollinator networks and plant phenological changes. We are also currently seeking financial support for the Norris Center Graduate Fellows Program to support a graduate student to mentor undergraduates in natural history related research projects.

Past Norris Center Graduate Fellows

andy holding a bugAndy Kulikowski studies insect ecology and forest restoration in the Environmental Studies department. As a graduate fellow, Andy worked with the Randy Morgan Insect Collection at the Norris Center. He mentored numerous students, helped identify specimens, helped organize the collections, and supervised three senior research projects on insect ecology. 


juniper hiding behind fernsJuniper Harrower studies insect/plant interactions, and human influence on biodiversity in protected areas in the Environmental Studies department. As a graduate fellow, Juniper helped coordinate eight science-art residencies, helped organize and put on multiple major art-related events at the Norris Center, and helped numerous Norris Center students bridge gaps between art and science.