Norris Center Internships

Norris Center Internships Available Now

All internships are available for 2 units (6 hours per week) or 5 units (12 hours per week). If you're interested in an internship, email and/or with which internship you are interested in, why, and a screenshot of your class schedule for the quarter. 

lots of halticid bees

1) Randy Morgan Insect Collection Internship: Interns will work to digitize Randy Morgan's prolific insect collection. Interns will help photograph insect specimens, add collected insects to online databases, and troubleshoot problematic insect collections. Skills gained will include museum collection curation, online databasing, data entry, and insect identification.

2) Bird Taxidermy Internship: Interns will work to turn dead, salvaged birds into scientific museum study skins. Following detailed taxidermy instructions, students will skin and prepare birds to be used by researchers and classes at the Norris Center. Skills gained will include bird identification, bird morphology, museum collection curation and taxidermy.

two students hold a snake3) UC Natural Reserve Resurvey Project: Interns will help prepare for a multi-year resurvey project going on at all of the UCSC Natural Reserves. The purpose of the resurvey project is to document, with vouchered museum specimens, every single species that currently occurs on the reserves -- from bryophytes to birds!  In Interns will begin conducting field work to capture, create specimens of, and accession to the museum, every species found at Younger Lagoon. Students can choose one of the following taxon groups to join: mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, insects, fungi, bryophytes and lichens, plants or non-insect invertebrates. Skills gained include helping field surveys, general field work, species identification, natural history, museum curation, and museum accessioning. No previous experience with the taxon group is necessary -- just the strong desire to learn! See here for another summary and current results. 

4) Collections Management Internship: Interns will help keep the Norris Center collections working smoothly. Projects include pest management, organizing specimens, databasing specimens, digitizing specimen collections, and working to inventory existing specimens. Skills gained include strong museum curation skills, taxonomic knowledge of any group of organisms, and online databasing.

calachortus luteus5) Norris Center Herbarium Internship: Interns will help accession and digitize plant specimens from around the Central Coast of California. In addition to helping press, mount and label regional speciemens (including new species!), students will help scan images and score phenology for an ongoing plant phenology project at the Norris Center. Skills gained include plant taxonomy, herbarium organization and curation, plant morphology and online databasing.


Past Internships

Lauren Thomas: Winter 2017 Mammal Collection Intern

The mammal specimens in the Norris Center include everything from vole species to an Alaskan gray wolf. These specimens are used by classes and individuals to study vertebrate evolution and mammalogy. In my internship, I reorganized the mammal collection, making sure everything was in the right place and labeled correctly after many usages from classes. I labeled specimens that had no labels and correctly identified mislabeled specimens. After reorganizing the collection, I focused on broadening the Mammal collection section of the Norris Center website, describing each class, order, and family found in the collection. For each family, I described their most distinguishable attributes and took images. I hope that my expansion of the Mammal collection will educate the public on Native California mammal families and show the public how awesome the Norris Center for Natural History is. As I finish up my degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (B.S.), I am reassured by this internship of my interest in pursuing a career related to mammals. mal collection in the Norris Center offers an array of specimens from California Native