Field Quarter 45th Alumni Reunion

The 45th NHFQ Alumni Reunion!

On April 29th-30th, as part of UCSC's Alumni Weekend 2017, we hosted a reunion to celebrate Field Quarter's 45th year. We camped together at Little Basin State Park in Boulder Creek, CA. In addition to gathering to be together, we also join forces to pay tribute and honor one of our most beloved teachers and friends, Breck Tyler! 

Click here for a comprehensive list of all the instructors, TAs, and students who have participated in NHFQ from 1973 to 2016.

Honoring Breck Tyler

One of the main reasons we held this event was to honor Breck Tyler's (30ish???) years of dedicated service to Field Quarter. He has taught more NHFQ courses than anyone else, inspired hundreds if not thousands of naturalists, and fought tirelessly to ensure the future of this program. It is with great honor that we came come together to honor this beloved teacher, mentor, and friend. 

Videos below of the reunion are made by Charles Convis.

Tribute to Breck Tyler Part 1

Tribute to Breck Tyler Part 2

Welcome Session

Barn Dance

More Barn Dance and Goodbyes