Alumni Resources

Santa Cruz Island NHFQ '16

There is a large active network of Natural History Field Quarter alumni. The endowments that support both the Norris Center and the current Field Quarter class were spearheaded by a dedicated group of alumni (now called the Friends of the Norris Natural History Programs) who still play a vital role in natural history education on campus.  An even larger group of alumni contributed to Field Quarter's endowed student scholarship fund.   The alumni group has stayed in contact through past reunion gatherings, including a 20 year reunion in the early 1990s, a 40 year reunion in 2012, and a 45 year reunion in 2017.  They also stay in contact through quarterly newsletters and an active facebook page.  If you're an alumni and want to be added to our alumni newsletter list or to our facebook page, please contact Norris Center director Chris Lay at