Field Quarter Application Process

Student holding a dragonfly

In order to enroll in Natural History Field Quarter, you must submit an application (found here). Applications are made available some time during Fall quarter and are usually due at the end of January during the winter quarter.  No late applications are accepted. The instructors for the course read the applications and make decisions about the current year's class soon after the applications are turned in. In some cases, interviews may also be required. Usually, students are notified about their acceptance by the middle of the Winter Quarter. A mandatory orientation meeting for accepted students is scheduled during the latter part of the winter quarter.  

Because many more students apply than are accepted, it is in your best interest to take sufficient time to write good developed answers to each of the application questions. You do NOT need to already be an expert naturalist and outdoors-person to apply for Field Quarter. The class is designed for beginners. Regardless of your past experience, it is important to express your enthusiasm and goals for participating in the course.