How to prepare for Field Quarter

Student overlooking the Mojave Desert

Here are a few ideas for how to prepare for Field Quarter.  Note that these are only recommendations and NOT requirements in order to be accepted in the class. Natural History Field Quarter is open to all students and provides participants with an introduction to the study of natural history.

  1. Spend time outside directly observing the natural world. There are many wonderful natural areas to visit on and around campus. These include many areas on campus as well as nearby county parks (Pogonip, Moore Creek, Neary Lagoon) and state parks (Wilder Ranch, Natural Bridges, Henry Cowell, Big Basin, and Castle Rock).
  2. Participate in the California Naturalist Program sponsored every spring by the UCSC Arboretum.
  3. Participate with others that are part of the naturalist community.  On campus, this might include the UCSC Natural History Club, the Myco Team, the OPERS Outdoor Recreation Department, or the OPERS Experiential Leadership program.  Off campus, this could include participating in events/hikes sponsored by the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, the Santa Cruz Bird Club, the Santa Cruz chapter of the CA Native Plant Society, or the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz.
  4. Enroll in an internship at one of our Natural Reserves, at the UCSC Farm and Garden, or at the Norris Center itself.
  5. Take other natural history-related classes.  Check out these classes in Environmental Studies, Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyEarth and Planetary Sciences, or these student-led natural history classes.