Using the Randy Morgan Collection to Understand Insect Diversity in Santa Cruz

UCSC undergraduate Jesse Laine, pictured below, is researching how bumblebee diversity and plant/pollinator interactions changed from 1989 to 1999 in Santa Cruz County. 

Jesse Laine's smiling face in front of a church and river.Jesse is using the digitized records of the Randall Morgan insect collection to examine bumblebee community dynamics across diverse Santa Cruz habitats over a ten year period. He looks at temporal changes in bee richness as well as changes in the network of plants visited by these important pollinators. His goal is to provide insights into the status of bumblebees of Santa Cruz from 1989 to 1999. His tfindings will provide a jumping off point for future resampling and research efforts, as well as educate the public about changes occurring in their own backyards.

Without Randy's detailed note-taking, metadata and specimen collection, and without the curation by students and staff of the Norris Center, projects like Jesse's would not be possible.

Jesse's work is supported directly by the Randy Morgan Student Fellowship.