About the Norris Center

Norris Center interns and employees gather in Winter 2019.

The Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History supports natural history education and research opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the greater Santa Cruz community. Following in the spirit of Ken Norris, we are continuing to build a community of people who carry their passion for the natural world into all aspects of their lives. 

The Norris Center supports natural history learning by curating important natural history collections, teaching field-based classes, supporting hands-on internships, strengthening connections among disciplines - especially art and science, mentoring students to be future environmental leaders and teachers, and building lasting communities and professional networks.

Location and Hours

The Norris Center is located in Room 239 of the Natural Sciences 2 building of UC Santa Cruz. You can find us on Google Maps here. See here for more detailed directions.

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, we are temporarily closed. We will update this website when our status changes. Normally, we welcome any visitors from 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. Outside of normal hours, please contact Chris Lay (cml@ucsc.edu), or the Norris Center email (norris@ucsc.edu) to set up another time to visit.