Local Indigenous Tribes

Bay Area/Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz County History - Spanish Period & Earlier

A brief overview of the the history of Ohlone people; a title inclusive of the many culturally diverse, independent communities of people native to central California’s coast.


Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation

The official website for OCEN, a tribal government representing individuals of native Californian descent from the Monterey bay region. Learn about OCEN history, language, and community events.


Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area

The Official Website of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe, representing Ohlone people of native San Francisco bay area decent. Learn about Muwekma Ohlone history, culture, and the language revitalization project.


Ohlones and Coast Miwoks

A history overview of Ohlone and Coast Miwok history in the San Francisco bay area, and suggestions for further reading.



National Park Service - People

NPS's page providing links on people who have had a profound effect on the world's history. Search for someone specific or read up on the people featured on the main page.

History: Native American Cultures

A history of Native American cultures, with photography and video. Brief histories are given of the shared experience of tribes living in similar regions.


North American Indian Timeline (1492-1999)

A timeline of events following European contact with Native Americans. The timeline describes the harsh reality of oppression, abuse, and murder inflicted upon Native American culture; reader discretion advised.


Native American Lore/Myths/Legends/Stores

Native American Indian Legends and Folklore

This extensive directory hosts Native American folklore organized by the tribe each story originates from. Links are provided to tribal groups nearby, in order to allow comparison between cultures in contact with one another.


Return to Indigenous Peoples' Literature: Native American Mythology

A collection of Native American folklore, myth, and legends. Stories are categorized by broader region and theme.