General Natural History

Natural History Network

A nonprofit organization to promote discussion and value of natural history. Site hosts online peer-reviewed articles from the Journal of Natural History Education and Experience.

Online Universities: 50 Best Natural History Blogs

A large directory of natural history blogs, spanning topics like astronomy, geology, and biology.

National Park Service: Explore Nature

Articles on protecting the natural resources of National Parks. Topics include biological and geological resources, water and air quality, sound and light pollution, and climate change.

University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources: California Naturalist

Become a certified California Naturalist by enrolling in The UC system's California Naturalist program; a commitment of 40 hours of naturalist coursework and volunteer work. Find citizen science and other volunteer opportunities

US Fish and Wildlife: Endangered Species

US Fish and Wildlife's list of endangered species. Explore how we affect these species and their survival and what you can do to help them recover.

Real Monstrosities

A blog about weird, wonderful, and obscure creatures. Have you ever seen cricket the size of your hand, a blood-drinking finch, an eyeless amphibian, or a worm that can slice a fish in two?

Kuban's Paleo Palace: Museum Directory

A directory of websites for natural history museums of the world. A somewhat dated directory, last updated 2005; Some links are no longer functional.