CUIP Norris Center Outreach Coordinator Internship

The Ken Norris Center for Natural History is currently recruiting (1) student to be our outreach coordinator for the year 2019-2020. This is an incredible opportunity for students to receive an $8,000 stipend towards their university fees and develop themselves professionally. The students must be enrolled at UCSC full time for all of next year (no field quarters or studying abroad) and should demonstrate skills in marketing/public speaking/outreach.
The student should have some formal training in art since they will be helping to coordinate our natural history art program. Background in natural history through coursework or internships is desirable. Creativity, good organizational skills, good interpersonal skills, and motivation are also needed. Some experience with web design is desirable but not required.
The deadline for the application is February 13th. Attached below is the flyer for details with where to apply. Feel free to email me, the current CUIP intern for the Norris Center, if you have any questions about this position. 

For a detailed description of the internship, click here. For more information on the Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program and the application process, click here.


chancellors undergrad internship flyer 2019-2020