Giving Day 2019

UPDATE: As of February 25th, we recieved $2,000 in matching funds! This generous donation means that we can double any donations on Giving Day, up to $2,000! Your donations go twice as far, and now have double the impact. Give on the 27th to directly support students in nature!

Giving Day 2019 is February 27th! Mark your calendars!

The Norris Center and the UCSC Natural Reserves are teaming up this year for the UCSC Natural Reserve Biodiversity Survey.

To understand how climate change and other human disturbances affect species on the UCSC Natural Reserves, we first have to know what species are present in the first place.

A collaborative survey that trains students

During the Biodiversity Survey, students will document the presence of every species - from mosses to mammals - currently found on the UCSC Natural Reserves, starting at Younger Lagoon Reserve. The students' documentation, field notes, photographs and specimens will all be stored at the Norris Center, and made available online for researchers and students of the future. The project is truly collaborative: learning occurs in the field, and in the museum, training students as natural historians and museum scientists.

Your donation goes directly to the students!

Donations from Giving Day will directly fund student stipends for the Biodiversity Survey. Stipends are a crucial way that we ensure that diverse groups of students can engage in nature and science, without worrying about having to work an extra job.

With $10,000 we can fund 5 UCSC student mentors! Each of those students will lead a team of 10-12 other undergraduates helping with the surveys. Really, your donation will impact dozens of students, and will directly help train the next generation of scientists!

On Giving Day: