Nature News

Natural History Field Quarter Students watch the sunset above the fog from scenic Gamboa Point in Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve. Applications are now open for the Summer 2020 offering of the UC Natural Reserve System field course, California Ecology and Conservation. Travel around California, learning about local ecology and conservation issues. Applications can be found here and are due on February 5, 2020!

Leopard Lizard

Applications for the Natural History of the Fungi class, and Natural History of the Reptiles and Amphibians are now open. See here for more information about the fungi class, and here for the reptile and amphibian class.

Norris Center Blog

Educational Guides to the Small Mammal Diversity of the UCSC Campus and Natural Reserves

Clarkia brewerii

Gabby Reynosa and Shelby Thompson share their insights about the SMURF internship. The SMURF internship takes students out to the Campus Natural Reserve and Fort Ord Natural Reserve to catch, identify and measure small mammals as part of a long-term monitoring program. Shelby and Gabby also describe how and why they designed educational guides to small mammal diversity at the Reserves.

In Ken's Words


"Just as we perceive our commonality of purpose we grow more accepting of each other's diversity. The poet, the artist, the teacher, and the scientist become equal partners in our seeking."


UC Natural Reserve Resurvey

aerial view of younger lagoon reserveThe results of the first quarter of the Resurvey are here! The Norris Center and the UCSC Natural Reserves are teaming up to study our changing planet. Starting with Younger Lagoon in Spring 2019, teams of UCSC students will catalog every species - from bryophytes to birds - found at the UCSC Natural Reserves, and document their findings in the Norris Center. Read about our results from Spring 2019, and stay tuned for more over the coming year!