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Migration Patterns and Habitats of the Green Sturgeon in Northern California - By Jonathon Myers, Anya Chytrowski and Allison Cramer.

 Mapping Sonic Futurities - By Alexander Wand and Alex Jones.



saul4100.jpgThe present series Moderno Mori: Transcendence by Saul Villegas reimagines natural history specimens as they relate to the digital era.


Randy Morgan's manifesto on Leptosiphon parviflora was recently digitized by Stanford University. (Photo copyright of Rob Vanderhoff.) 


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Paleobiologist and doctoral student Ana Valenzuela Toro collaborated with Ecology and Evolutionary Biology undergraduate Sarah Gutierrez to create animations depicting the taphonomic history of northern elephant seals as part of the Norris Center Art-Science Residency Program