50 years of wonder gathering

Join us June 3–5, 2022 under the redwoods at YMCA Camp Jones Gulch in the Santa Cruz Mountains to celebrate 50 years of natural history education at UC Santa Cruz. This 3-day gathering will bring together the UCSC natural history community, including alumni, faculty and staff, current students, and community members. Be there to help us honor the legacy of learning that Ken Norris inspired with UCSC’s first field natural history courses. 

big-circleREGISTER HERE BY MAY 25th!!


programProgram of Events- Workshops, Field Trips, Community Connections


campfire-ringYMCA Jones Gulch Summer Camp-Maps, Driving Directions, Liability Waivers


people-circleWhat to Bring- personal gear and things to share


ken-lizardDonate to our 50 Years of Wonder Student Support Initiative!



covidSafety- COVID precautions and other rules





The Bird School Project brings students and teachers right outside their classroom doors to explore the world of birds first hand using binoculars, field guides, nature journals, and museum specimens borrowed from the Norris Center.
In addition to focusing on themes of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within their organization as a means to expand their programs and maximize their impact, Bird School also strives to offer lessons that apply birding and outdoor learning as a means to more just, equitable, diverse and inclusive communities. As a key administrator for Bird School, Jess facilitates a space for the rest of the staff to reflect on their teaching and outreach strategies and incorporate the perspectives of the students and families in the Bird School community.


The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History has connected people to the wonders of nature for over 100 years. Located above Seabright Beach, the Museum highlights the region’s diverse plant, animal, and human communities from the shoreline of Monterey Bay to the summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains. We strive to fulfill our mission of connecting people with nature and science to inspire stewardship of the natural world through an array of educational programs and exhibits focused on the natural and cultural history of our region.


Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge studies and protects threatened ecosystems by involving diverse communities through scientific and artistic collaborations. We work in California, Hawaii, and Chile, often with a focus on waterbirds and marine ecosystems. We approach our projects from a multidisciplinary perspective in close collaboration with local communities, protecting both species and their habitats.





Central Coast Wilds is a native plant nursery located in Santa Cruz, Ca specializing in site-specific seed collections from throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. We have been serving the greater Bay Area for 30 years doing everything from wholesale contract grows, botanical consulting, and retail sales of native plants to the public. Contact us for all of your native plant needs!





We Envision a World in which: Agricultural lands are preserved and enhanced for generations to come. Farmers have access to knowledge, land and capital to build sustainable farms directly linked to local residents, businesses, and schools. All people have access to healthy food and know and value where their food comes from. Pie Ranch's Mission is to cultivate a healthy and just food system from seed to table through food education, farmer pathways, and regional partnerships. Pie Ranch's Values are Justice, Equity, Solidarity, Diversity, Inclusion, Commitment & Collaboration, Love & Respect, and Responsible Stewardship.